Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Retail Therapy

Who doesn't like it?  I absolutely love it.  More often than not I am shopping for my kids.  Today I went to pay my Bloomies bill and in the same shopping center are lots of my favorite stores.  First I went to the Gap as I had some gift cards and coupons (love that I am able to save money at the same time - or is it being able to spend more justifying that an item was essentially free and you would have bought the same dollar amount anyway?)  I think that sounds good.  So I shopped with a few basic ideas in mind and came out very happy.  I got what I wanted and I even got many items on sale (woo hoo!).  Form my lovely lady blogging friends I am seeing a totally different sense of style that I like and I incorporated that into my shopping.  I got a couple of skirts (2 that are about knee length and 1 that goes to my ankles and flows so nicely) and then a couple of white shirts.  I love white.  I always have.  I used to love dressing my son in a white shirt and those cute Gap overalls.  To this day I will dress my daughter in a white shirt with black leggings or yoga pants.  I think it is a crisp look and contrasts so nicely.  I even got myself a nice little 3/4 sleeve cardigan.  Luckily I had my silver strappy sandals on that it looked so nice right there in the old dressing room!  All this and the sizes were smaller, so picking out nice things, good bargains and smaller size. WOO HOO!  I will have to post pictures of my finds later on.
Shopping is always a good mood lifter and I wasn't even feeling down.  On that note I am going to hit the hay.  Have a good night.

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