Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Day

So, after a long 10 days home I went back to work yesterday. What a challenge to get out of the house, more for the kids than myself (as usual).  So up at six it was to make coffee, lunch and snacks.  Not so bad.  Even went to work and aside from not having milk for my oatmeal it started off nicely.  The students weren't so bad considering they had been home for so long.

I got back an observation that was done and it was awesome. You know, I do lots of really nice, excellent activities and crafts for my kids and husband and I know they are good, and I know they enjoy them but with work it's different.  When you do something good your or rather my superiors let me know. It was awesome to hear my supervisor tell me I did an awesome job and then read that my Principal felt the same.  It was very nice.  I know, we know that our family appreciates our efforts to provide a wonderful life full of experiences but they don't tell you the way a boss would.  It is very nice to be appreciated.

And another good day, today I finally got back my grade for my thesis.  Something that I have been working on since last September and turned in 6 weeks ago.  I got the grade back today an it was an A.  I am over the moon. This is kind of funny in an ironic sort of way. Way back when I was going to school I was more motivated by the job I had I did not really care about the grades I got.  I was more interested in going out, making money and just being young that I didn't think about my life later on.  Fast forward......15 years later, married, 2 kids, house and back in school.  When did this happen?

I'll tell you when this happened.  I had children.  I wanted be home with them, my dad wanted me to be home with them and I stayed home with them.  I stopped working in a family business to be with my kids.  A year and some odd months later I was bored and my kids needed to be in preschool.  I did not want to go back to my old work so I made a major career change.  I went to work in a preschool.  Perfect situation. My kids went at a super discounted rate and I got experience in school - God Bless that school for giving me a shot.  From there is just snowballed and I got another job in an all inclusive special education school as a speech therapist.  I loved it and then I moved onto where I am today.  During this process I had to continue education for licensing and took some courses. I met some amazing professors, learned some amazing things and found my calling, so to speak.  I love my job and the kids I work with.  Is it easy?  Hell no, is it worth all the hard work, yes.  I am in a happy place.  So aside from the class I am taking now, I have one more to take and then I am finished with my Masters Degree.  And I did it on my own, at my own pace, when I was ready.  

Being ready is for another day.  But this job allows me to work at a camp that I went to as a child doing a super fun, crafty activity.  I love using my creativity to make things.  I love to cook and while I don't cook in my program I know the kids are bringing home really cool projects that don't look like some packaged craft.  It is something I have thought about and worked hard to make "cool." So, while my life has changed in 15 years it is worth it and I know that even though it is not always said, I am appreciated.  To all those moms out there, you are appreciated. 

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  1. Oh I am so happy for you - what a fantastic grade on your thesis!!