Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturdays mean Baseball

Most people who have children know that the weekend is full of their activities. I am no exception to the rule.  My daughter has dance in the am and my son has a game sometime on a Saturday.  This Saturday he had a postponed opening day ceremony, which we did not attend at 8 am.My very good friend Beth said they were not going and her husband and mine are buds so he convince my dearest that it was not worth it, maybe when they are older.  A bit annoyed but when I was laying in bed yesterday I though, "geez I really don't want to go to the park after fighting with the men in my house to go to something that I would have to leave to go to dance."  So I passed.  No biggie.

Later on in the day we had team pictures and then a 3:15 game.  As you can see, my daughter really enjoyed watching her brother play.  They both actually had sleep overs the night before and as you know how they go - both went to sleep at 11:30-ish and woke up at 6:30-ish.  Atleast I know that my good friend was feeling the pain as well considering we swapped kids (she actually had it worse because her older boy had 5 friends over for a birthday and her 2 year old stayed up with the 5 year olds- no wonder she is on an overnight with her husband!)  My little girl was so wiped out but she recovered well - usually she does not.

The family then went home after the game, the kiddies had some dinner and mommy took them for Ice Cream.  After that we came home and had family movie night (dad went out and bought pizza for the parents).  We watched Bedtime Stories.  Very nice.  Who needs to go out on Saturday when you can enjoy a nice movie at home with your children? After it ended my son said, "thanks for getting the movie mom." That was so sweet.  Now it was bedtime and I was exhausted. Me and the kids piled into to bed to cuddle.  They are so sweet when they are sleeping. 

And I forgot to mention, it was SO HOT here we actually used our Air Conditioner.  We never have since we bought our house in October and put it in then as well.  We are headed for another hot day today.  Stay cool my friends.

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