Thursday, April 30, 2009

My yard is blooming

The yard is blooming and I love it.  We looked at our house during the summer so it was in full bloom.  All the trees had their leaves and flowers were there (at least what little bit that is in the yard) and I could not see our future neighbors.  Then we closed in October and all the leaves fell. I could see our neighbor, their barking dog and lots, I mean LOTS of leaves on the ground.  That's okay. As you know we cut down trees a few weeks ago and we are planning.  The Japanese Maple is my favorite. It stands in front of our house and the kids love to climb in it.

The other flowers are just bushes in our yard.  I think this weekend we will make a nice circle around our lightpost and plant some lovely flowers to brighten it up over there.  I have an awesome Hydrangea (my favorite) that I am dying to plant somewhere.  I love planning.

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