Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My daughter is in Daisies and she enjoys it very much.  So we have a co-op group where we each take turns running a meeting.  My theme is Respect Yourself and Others.  Nice that I just found out this theme yesterday. So I call a friend who is a dentist and today he informed me he cannot do it this week.  That's okay.  I decided we will do something in honor of Earth Day.  Respect the Earth will be our theme.  So I was going to have the girls make bird feeders. One problem, at this time I am unable to find enough pine cones, maybe tomorrow on my field trip to a Duck Pond I will be able to find some.

But my other idea, and I think the girls will like it, is to make button flowers. I did them with my students today in honor of Earth Day, recycling and reusing.  The kids loved it. They picked out their buttons and color of their pipe cleaners - what joy they had telling me they were bringing it home to mommy.  They sort of reminded me of the beaded flowers my grandma used to have all over her house, I know I got the creativity bug from her. I have to dig those out and display them somewhere in the house....  I also recall when we were moving my husband's grandma out of her home and she had the same beaded flowers - must have been something in that generation.

I am very excited to share these button flowers with the girls, they will love it and it is so easy.  I will have to share pictures when we are done.

For my share of Earth Day, I bought myself these cute collapsible baskets/bags.  They have them here  I got them at Christmas Tree Shops. I am so excited to use them.

Until then have a great evening.

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