Saturday, April 18, 2009

So long trees

First let me start by saying that this is the first time we have owned a house.  We have owned apartments but never a house.  Way different ball game than we are used to.  When something happened we always called upon our awesome handyman, Mooch.  So, when we purchased this house it came with all the little things we had/have no idea about.  Namely big trees, big scary trees.  5 years ago I probably would have never been concerned with a tree falling on my house but it happened to dear friends of ours so with every windy night I have been in a panic that the tree just off my son's room would fall and crush my son.

Yesterday we removed said tree and 6 others.  Now I am not a tree killer or hater but I really did dislike the trees that posed a threat to my family and home (plus I got rid of some really large, ugly juniper bushes that were at the end of my driveway).  It is unbelievable how the trees gone make such a difference in how our house looks, and the sunshine what a bonus.  The shady trees were all but covering up our property thus allowing us to have a moss lawn rather than a grass lawn.  I have a beautiful view of the street, no dead falling branches in the yard and sunlight in my whole backyard.  Absolutely gorgeous, I can't wait for the men to come back and stump grind so my husband can get some grass growing.

I am also amazed at how these guys cut down these trees.  One guy climbs all the way up the tree with ropes, spike boots and a chainsaw and meticulously cuts away the branches and has them tied so as to lower down the ones that may pose a threat to the home.  On word, Unbelievable.  I am so happy I can't believe it.  This was my BIG project for the Spring.   As you can see from my pictures that the huge dead tree in the front of my yard and those ugly juniper bushes are now gone the house looks awesome.  Today my father came to pick up my daughter to go get bagels and he drove right past the house!  See what a difference it makes.  It's the little things, well this was a big thing that makes a girl happy.

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