Friday, April 30, 2010


I am looking through my blogs that I follow today and come across a post from my very dear friend Lori over at Wildflowers.
She talked of inspiration day.

It got me thinking.

What inspires me?

I mean sure, there are people who have inspired me but what inspires me to do what I do?

So I got to thinking

and thinking

and thinking

Besides the obvious that my children inspire me to be the best mom I can be, there are people out there who do it for me.

They are different for the different things I do.

Like at work, the children I work with inspire me. I mean, I can work with a child for months and nothing happens, they don't get it BUT the one single, solitary day they do, when the planets align and "click" I see that (what I call) "AH HAH" moment I know it has all been worth it. The frustrating days, the tantrums, the long hours all forgotten in that one moment in time. That inspires me at work.

The creativity that I see on my blogs I follow, inspire me.

You know, when I bought my house I wanted that beachy, cottagey feel to it and could find it NO WHERE. Now it is all over. I am doing it now.

The women I follow and have come across give me the inspiration to try new things, give tutorials on how to do stuff and that is SO AWESOME!

My friends inspire me. I have my bestest friend in the world who has been there for me forever.

When things got tough for me, she and her family were there for me.

We don't talk every day but we are tight.

She is the BEST cheerleader ANYONE could ask for, really she is.

I went through some rough things late last year and early this year things started to turn around and she is always there being my friend. I love her for that. She inspires me.

She inspires me because I always know that WHATEVER I do she has my back and I always have hers. I love her like my sister (probably more so at times we are so close).

Here she is with one of our male besties.
Anyway. That is what inspires me. Oh and by the way my inspiration's name is Jen. I love ya my friend (she has no idea I have a blog - now she will).



  1. Ziz ~ you will have to link this over at Maggie's place!! What a nice post and it is so good to have great friends! Have a wonderful week-end!

  2. Friends are so wonderful, especially the ones that make our life special.
    Enjoy the weekend. Rita

  3. Thank you for joining the party! Love your inspiration post. I know what you mean about the AHHA moment. My oldest has ADHD and has always struggled. This year the most wonderful teacher came into her life and the "planets aligned" as you said. Now, she is a straight A student, on the student council and once again loves school. You that teach children with special needs are such a rare breed, but I thank you that you are there.

    Your friend sounds wonderful! I think she would say "right back at ya" though. I can't wait to read more here! Again, thank you for participating!