Sunday, April 11, 2010

Date Night

Things have been tight around here for a while but tomorrow I start my new job and hubby is doing well in his new job so we went out.

A friend's husband and his band, The Mix, was playing at a local bar/restaurant, so we went and did a little of this:

Such an awesome time!

The bar was 3/4 full of people from our elementary school.

I met some new people, talked with some other good people and had a night out with my man.

Before hand we went to a new BBQ place (We had never been there before) with our good friends. We had good food and good times. Had some of this:
and some of these

I had such a good time. It was nice going out. Usually when hubby ad I gone out it's only been dinner and then home so this was so out of our "usual" and you know what, it was really nice.

Have a great day - today I will be cooking the wild boar with my family AND my niece has a tournament in our town so there is some time today where my brother in law said he would come over and do some handyman work for me so I need to get busy on a list.



  1. Yeah for bbq, dancing and drinks ~ what a great night!

  2. very fun! We need a REAL night out like that as well...I've forgotten what dancing is like - unless you can count watching the Wiggles with my tots...Have a great Sunday!