Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wild Boar

A few weeks ago I spoke of a Wild Boar sitting in my Fridge waiting to be cooked.

We did in fact cook it as a tribute to my baby bro who passed who loved to eat FuNkY Foods.

Now Boar is just a pig but this was a WILD Boar! Wild like my Mike.

I love to cook, my dad is an awesome cook, my husband is a CIA Graduate and my youngest brother loves to cook. So we cooked it together.

We made it like a stew, oh yeah along with some Goat Loin (Hey I have a weird friend who hunts and gave it us).

We cooked it in the Big Ole Le Crueset Dutch Oven on the stove.

We seasoned the meat and seared it in the pan, then with all the good bits added some wine to make a nice sauce.

Threw in some onions, potatoes, carrots and peas.

It came out really nice. A nice Stew. It was one of those recipes where we put stuff in willy nilly so I am sorry not to have a recipe or measurements.

However, I did make a HORRIBLE risotto. I had not planned on making it and my dad said oh, make your risotto. IT STUNK!

I made it in a pot that was too small and I was rushed. You cannot rush risotto so it was like paste because it was overcooked. Never again will I do that (because believe me, a week later my dad still reminded me I messed up the rice).

I am in the mood for a good risotto though, maybe this weekend.


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  1. I have a brother who hunts wild boar and other different animals like that in New Mexico. I'm sure he would have loved your stew!