Sunday, April 4, 2010

Amazing Road Trip

Life is about experiences.

The experiences you give your children and ones you have learned yourself are the b

No amount of learning in the classroom can compare to what you give your children.

This week I brought my children to Washington D.C.

We had so much fun. Hubby could not make it since he had to work. So we did our Road Trip
on our own.
The beginning of our trip after we purchased new sunglasses

We were there to see the cherry blossoms after all (I think I need one for my garden and a magnolia tree)

I love this picture of the kids and the Washington Monument and Reflection pool

WW II Memorial - Maya's favorite because it was so beautiful

Sam looking cool in the Chinese Garden in Chinatown - I know this will be a favorite in the future (possibly Blackmail?)

The kids had a great time. I had them walking on Friday for 8 hours! (To tell the truth it is Sunday and my legs and hips still hurt - boy do I need to start exercising!)

We saw amazing things: the Washington Monument, The National Mall, Abe Lincoln, The Capitol and of course my inspiration to go there - The Cherry Blossoms! They were gorgeous! I really got to use my camera.

It wasn't until we were leaving that I saw a Tulip Gallery - it was a huge garden full of all types of Tulips. I would have loved to take pictures of that.

So many beautiful opportunities to take photos. I will post some of my others that I took.

We will be going back again, maybe the same time next year. (We met another family from our area and they have gone this same weekend for the past 3 years - could be a nice new tradition)

A funny thing happened, my son said to me when we were close to home, "Hey mom we had our first Road Trip" - (then he made the fist punch action with me). He's getting so cool ;)

Good memories for all and we are now happy to be back home.



  1. Loving the last one! It sounds like it was quite the trip and that you saw nature at its best. Too bad you never got a chance to take some pics at the tulip gallery ~ that must have been amazing!

  2. What a wonderful experience for the kids! I love road trips~