Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rude Awakenings

So, it's 3:20 am and I am in my deepest of sleep.
All of a sudden a loud, screeching, siren goes off. WOOO WOOO, BEEP BEEP, WOOW WOOW!!

Threw my Arse right out of bed.

Thank you dear &*^@%$# Hubby!

Apparently, he set the wrong alarm this morning at 3:20 when he woke up on the couch and came to bed. He set the one you set when you leave the house, then walked into our hallway and that is when it went off.

After I got up off the floor I ran to the keypad and turned it off. Then reset it and then grabbed the phone since the alarm company would be calling momentarily.

They did, I gave the secret word and tried to go back to sleep.

Oh yeah, BTW, hubby was in the bathroom washing up, WTH? (actually then it probably was WTF but I am trying to be nice here)

The he crawls into bed and in his oh so annoying voice repeats Hello to me several times - he knows it annoys me and that is why he does it, but at 3:30 am? HELLO, that drives me NUTS and I have to get up in 2 hours!!!

I was able to fall back asleep rather quick (good for me) and dreaded it when the alarm clock woke me at 5:15 - I hit snooze until 5:30 when I heard the coffee maker signal it was done.

Did you ever notice our lives are filled with alarms, buzzers, ringers? Just thought I mention that, it occurred to me as I wrote this post.

Here's to a peaceful nights sleep.


  1. I am sorry but your story made me giggle a little! I hope you have a good nights sleep tonight ~ sweet dreams....

  2. Wow -- what a rude awakening! Doesn't it always seem like men can fall right back to sleep and we girls lie awake for hours! Early to bed tonite!