Sunday, May 2, 2010


A few months ago my grandma was so generous as to purchase my curtains for me.

Really, she is a fabulous woman with awesome taste and a very good eye.

So, we made a date to go shopping for curtains for my living room (about 14 months after having nothing on the windows).

I pick something out that I liked and when we headed over to the register she insisted on paying, I did not ask her to, she said it was her treat.

Thank you Grandma Syl.

We come back home and then next day I ask hubby to hang up the rods and the curtains.

I leave the house for a little and in that time hubby put his hand through the wall in frustration (tried to say it was from his hand pushing through the wall when in reality it was him punching the wall).

My brother in law came and helped put the other rods up and patch the big boo boo that hubby made.

My job was to spackle and paint the hole, umm I mean patch.
I did that, well the spackle part. Today, FINALLY I painted the hole.

Everything is dried (a week later) and today my fabulous Brother in law came over again and hung it up.

How beautiful is that? The room totally has a different look and I am so happy.

I was going to go for a white couch BUT I may or may not do that. You see I was reading something and the saw the mom from that new show 9 by Design and she had something along the lines of what I am thinking of.

Having white furniture but as accent pieces if you are afraid of a big white piece of furniture and then use other colors as accent colors as well. That got me thinking.


  1. Oh the joys of having hubby do things for you. I think sometimes it is easier to just do them yourself. What a great grandma to get those curtains for you. They look great! Love white furniture but I do believe it would be scared in my house. The only reason I am able to have white in my bedroom is cause it is off limits to kids. The big black dog on the other hand.... I can't wait to see what you get though!

  2. If grandma Syl would like to adopt another granddaughter... ;-)

    The curtains look great and you did a good job patching the wall!!


  3. Are you married to my brother!!?? lol So glad that you got your curtains hung ~ love, love redecorating!

  4. The finished project looks great. Grandmothers are such a treasure.