Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Master Bedroom Redo

I have been yearning to redo my bedroom.

It's blue and even though blue is my favorite color, I hate the room's color.

I want something else.

Something light, something airy.

Something different.

Start off with the paint? New Comforter?

Changing the furniture is NOT an option.

I do love my furniture but I MIGHT prefer it a different color (one that hubby does not like- so it's a no go).

Here's some of my inspiration:

I found a color I am digging - Virtual Taupe by Sherwin Williams and I have always loved the bedroom here and the paint is Glidden Armadillo.

Right now the dormers are painted blue too. I think I will paint them white again.

And today I think I have found the bedding that will be the inspiration for the whole redo. I think I will be ordering it this week. Once I do I will pick the paint and go from there. I am very excited.
Sydney Palampore Organic Duvet Cover, Twin


  1. I like you inspiration photos. I think you can make a big impact with a change in wall color and bedding. Also, a few different accessories to tie in with the colors of the bedding and I think it'll look all new. Good luck!


  2. Oh wow -- love that bedding -- it's going to be beautiful. Can't wait to see it.


  3. Loving that bedding Ziz! Love that first shot as that is what I was looking for. I found a comforter a couple of weeks ago that I like but not love.... I am now on the hunt for fabric for the headboard now.... wish me luck!