Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fabulous Party

The Birthday Boy himself

So, this past weekend I had a birthday party for my hubby, Ken.  It was/is his 40th birthday today and we had a Kenstock themed party.  It was so much fun.  For the first time ever I did not cook the food. Ken is a chef and usually we cook all sorts of food, but 1. we don't have a grill (until today since Ken's parents bought him an awesome grill for his birthday and 2. I am tired of doing all the cooking that I miss the party.  We decided to go with ordering the food from this local gourmet/italian market.  We have had the food before at friend's houses and we personally do like this market.  The food was fabulous and we still have leftovers for the week (you know they tell you a tray of chicken is for 8-10 people and clearly it served 23 people, same for the eggplant rollatini).  
We had some old friends show up, new friends come and family (just our siblings).  My parents had the kids for the night and Ken's mom had a stem cell transplant almost a year ago and she really cannot be in situations like that (besides we knew we could get "silly" and didn't want the 'rents there).  
We had an awesome time.  I paid for it today but it was a good time.  Everyone hung out on our screened in porch, I had the food in the kitchen, not set up on my new counter since I could not find all the supplies needed at Lowes (Henry tells me to go to Home Depot a REAL hardware store).  So we will try again soon.

This was our first party in our new house, well we did host Thanksgiving about a month after we moved in but this was a Party.  Then my in laws came over today to celebrate Ken's birthday with him.  They bought him a nice new grill!!! We are so excited.  Then my husband and his father went to Lowes to get a mat for the grill and hooks to hang the mirror I got from Home Goods.  That makes me SOOOOOOOOO Happy I LOVE IT!

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  1. Oh Ziz ~ sounds like you had a fantastic time! I see your mirror... lol

    Have a great week!