Sunday, July 12, 2009

Decorating MaDnEsS

As I have told you I am planning my husbands party, so I have been busy hanging lights up in the screened in porch (my inspiration to finally hang them came from the lovely Simone and her post on lighting ), buying some decorative touches, cleaning and constantly coming up with more ideas.  I snagged this one (for fun) from an activity at camp 
Hey let the adults have some fun too.

I am debating buying the counter I really would like to put in the kitchen.  I know if I go to Lowes today I will be broke, or nearly broke.  I want to put a carpet in the screened in porch and the counter in the kitchen, which is more important?  It is almost an equal issue for me.  Which project it is easier to do - carpet- just lay it down (it's indoor/outdoor) or the counter - having a friend come over to help install it, paint the legs, and whatever else comes up.  Hmmm, it's a tough decision.  I also have to tye dye shirts, download music and buy my husband a gift.  Where do I find this time?  I will be Uber Busy this week.  I did buy a nice mirror for my dining room at Home Goods yesterday.  I will show you after it gets hung today by my husband and his friend.  I cannot wait.


  1. I know how you feel, wanting everything done for your party. I would just say don't stress yourself out getting so much done that you don't enjoy the process. Granted, I am the last person that should be giving such advice... :)

  2. So many decisions, so little time! I'd vote for the counter, but that is just me. Okay...what mirror did you get? I just bought one at HomeGoods this past week, I am absolutely loving that store these days...certainly makes the dollar go further. Happy Party Planning! Janell

  3. Am giggling at Mimi's response ;)

    I am sure that the party will be that you did the lighting.....I bet it looks day I am going to be sitting out there with you.....hopefully sooner rather than later my friend xoxo