Thursday, July 9, 2009


I really need to bring my camera to work tomorrow to show you the wonderful things I have been making at camp.  Today we celebrated 35 years of the camp owners owning the camp.  Now I went to this camp many, many , many years ago.  I went there and worked there and then was away for a while until my own children were set to go there and I could work there.  You see, many moons ago I met my bestest friend at this very camp.  I can clearly recall the day she walked into our bunk, up on the hill and history goes on from there,  I love my friend and love the camp that joined us.  So, now my children go to this camp and I work there.

I had some significant memories at this camp and funny as I work there I see people who never left, people who came back as I did and people who send their children there.  It's truly amazing how this camp has touched so many.

I have fun with my projects and today I made a really cool message center for Maya and her room (I just have to add some letters for her name) and all other things.  I even got a really cool idea as I write this post, I think I will get, from as many people as I can their memories of Ramaquois and make a scrapbook, since my area does that.  We will work on that.  I will let you know how that goes....

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