Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last Days of Summer

Wow, has this summer flown by?

It was a great summer filled with camp, friends, family and fun times.

The kids had a a great time at camp.

We all had great times at the lake, swimming at Papi's and going to the beach.

There were some birthdays, visiting grandparents and even a fair or two.

I love the beach and next year have to go much more.


I love fall.

I love the leaves changing, the food cooking in my home, the apple and pumpkin picking. I love how the weather gets to be just right - warm during the day but a little cool at night.
So even though I love the summer, I look forward to the fall.



  1. Me too! It's been sunny this week here in London but you can feel hints of autumn in the air...I can't wait to wrap myself up LOL!!

    Beautiful pics sweetie....A is 5 this Thursday AND starts full-time school the same did that happen?!


  2. Sounds like a real blast of summer!
    Enjoy the remaining days.

  3. You did have such an awesome summer Ziz ~ lots of new memories for the entire family. Hard to believe that a year ago we were in NYC and we actually got to sit down and chat! I too am now looking forward to autumn since it was so hot here last week ~ this week is more seasonable and it feels good to snuggle into the comforter again! Hope you have a fabulous week.