Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lake Time

I am getting in some last minute time at the lake.
The kids and I are going up for two days, then coming back so I can see my new classroom and then heading back up on the weekend with the hubs for the weekend.

I still have so much to do but I will do it on Friday, somehow.

Here's a little peek into where we will be

A view of the lake from the pool

Maybe I will get some alone time in the pool

Pool Table / Grandpa's office

Dining room where we gather for big meals (during the cold seasons)

Breakfast room with mural of the houses on the lake (way back when)

We are very fortunate to have a beautiful place like this to go. My in laws have expanded the home to fit the expanding families as their children got married and had kids.

My children love it here and as a child I had a lake house to go to and hang out with my cousins (who were like siblings because at the time I was an only child). I am happy that my children also get to have close relationships with their grandparents and cousins. (My parents live just 3 blocks away and the lake is only and hour and a half away).

I will hopefully get more pictures today and post them, my mother in law has a kitchen I would die for.

Have a great day my friends.



  1. Oh ~ I want to come too!! Alas I will be heading to the cottage by the bay. I am sooo looking forward to it ~ off to plan meals and make my grocery list. Have a fabulous time Ziz. xo

  2. You are very blessed indeed to have this wonderful lake house to go to. relax and enjoy!

  3. What a beautiful place! You are lucky indeed to have such a wonderful place to go to. My kids and their cousins are like siblings too, which is fabulous! Have a great time! xxoo :)