Monday, September 27, 2010

Bad Mommy Award or Just Evil Mommy?

I think that is what I am in the running for today.

You see I have told my children a little white lie.

Actually I didn't lie, it was an omission, or rather an assumption by them (see I am putting it off on the little lads - bad mommy, huh?)

I decided that my little children needed some variety in their diet.

They love the same foods all the time. I try to have some diversity but they are who they are and I guess it is mostly my fault so now I have to work hard at getting them to eat new foods. The thing is there was a time when my pickiest eater son, did eat any and all foods his nanny, Julie gave him and then one day something changed.

So, tonight I did a trick from the past.

I have done it before but one day got caught so I have not dared to do it again,

I was shopping and bought Boneless Pork Loin Chops.

You know, the thin ones that you can totally pass off as chicken, specifically Chicken Cutlets?

I did it.

I made the pork cutlets and the kiddies thought they were chicken cutlets. I never said chicken, I just said cutlets. Sam even asked to have his with cheese on top - like his chicken - "No problem" says his evil, I mean Wonderful mommy.

Can you believe they ate EVERY.SINGLE.MORSEL?

They had a fabulous dinner, Pork with Cous Cous and Green beans (fresh from the Farmers Market - more on that later).

Oh yeah, my other time. In the past I have passed off fresh fish fried as a cutlet and the kids have loved it as well, until one day I bought frozen flounder from a favorite place. It was not good, too salty or something off but I did not know until Sam tells me after one bite, "this is the WORST chicken you have ever made MOM!" I said, "No it's not, it's the worst fish I have ever made!" He could not believe I tricked them. For a while he wouldn't eat my chicken and he loves my chicken. So, I had to wait until the memory was out of his head. Today it was. My husband asked if he should tell the kids about the pork, I told him "NO WAY."

So, am I really that bad since I did something good? I am happy they liked it and it gives me more to give them.


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  1. Whatever you can do to get them to try something new. I usually tell Sam after she eats it what it was and she is surprised ~ so it adds something else to the things she likes instead of automatically saying "I don't like that"!