Monday, February 1, 2010

With Honors

Today it's official, I have a Masters of Science in Teaching Students with Disabilities!

It's been three years of work. Night school. Summer school.


Thanks to the wonderful help of my children, my husband, parents and friends.

I could not have done it without their support, love and help (babysitting, understanding, patience).

I am off today to go to the University to pick up my final transcripts so I can send them to the proper Education Departments so I can be licensed.

Than, hopefully I can have the job I want.

I was just checking to see if the "Unofficial" transcript said anything and it did. It said I have the degree but it also said "WITH HONORS!"

I had no idea and I wasn't even thinking about that. So very happy!!!!


  1. I am SO proud of you honey.....really proud. You have been so focused and determined and just worked really really always I am truly in awe of you. And WITH HONORS....fantastic!!

    Well done you! I hope this does mean that the dream job is going to work out now, keep us posted.

    Hope you will be celebrating tonight!! xoxo

  2. Congratulations, ZiZi!!! I'm proud of you! What an amazing accomplishment and you have every right to be so happy. Yay you!!!


  3. Bravo Zizette!!! What a wonderful feeling ~ long distant hugs and I have not forgotten about your chips! These will be a celebratory gift!