Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I recall once I moved to NY to live with my dad way back when I never knew anything of snow days or cancellations or delays. I lived in sunny Southern California, what is a snow day?

Years later as I started to work in a school I started to appreciate snow days even more.

Now I have children.

Need I say more?

I love my kids but seriously, they were home on Monday for a "professional development day" and right now, as much as my children love each other, they also REALLY love to ANNOY each other, MORE.

So, this big storm was said to be coming. I was prepping the kids. Here they have all sorts of folk lore - you know, sleep with your jammies inside out, put spoons under your pillows and then you will have a SNOW DAY.

(Last week they did this and it got them a 2 hour delay - which the phone call came at 5 am)

BUT, today the Mayor of NYC calls a SNOW DAY for NYC schools - ToTalLy UnHeArD of! This NEVER happens - so maybe the weatherman is getting it right.

My friends all are calling me, "have you heard anything, when are they going to call it?" I say it won't be until the parents get home tonight.

Said friend calls me later and tells me, another friend works for
the paper and they say school is cancelled - I tell her to go to the district website and guess what - it is cancelled.

So, it is a SNOW DAY tomorrow.

I assure you it will be a great day. I did my shopping today (even got the kiddies their S'Mores ingredients - YAY ME!).

Hubby got wood for the fireplace all stacked and ready (also 2 bottles of wine for mama).

We will have a nice day, I have the supplies for cooking and baking and the kids can spend the day making Valentines cards (otherwise I will be buying them on Thursday).

So we will have an awesome SNOW DAY!!

(I do have to say, I do love a snow day because even home with fighting children, children begging to play in the snow, begging to sled/be with their friends I get to spend the day with my kiddies).

Lots of fun to be had by all.



  1. As I sit here this morning watching the Today show I too wish for a snow day ~ alas we will not be able to enjoy this storm.... Have a blast today with the kids ~ sounds like you have lots planned.

  2. I must tell you that this is the first post on snow that makes me think it sounds fun. Truly, I don't miss the cold, the slippery roads, the lack of sun. However, a day nestled in with my five men sounds heavenly!