Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

We have been House owners for a little over a year now.

Before that we lived in a building on the water facing NYC. We owned it but we had the luxury of living in a Co-Op so basically whenever there was a home issue we called Mooch the building Supervisor.

Any little thing, we called him.

We wanted to sell our first place we called his Assistant Louis (who was also a great cat sitter when we went away).

When we wanted to move from one place to the other, they did it. Move out completely, they did it. We were very lucky (and clueless).

Yesterday hubby calls me from the basement to point out a leak. Just great! Did I mention that is was snowing non-stop again, yesterday?

Going back and forth I try to think of who to call and then call my best friend's father/brother. They are like family, I lived with them back in the day. They'll take care of me.

Big Bro tells me he will be over in a little.

He comes (with his cute assistant - his son who is off from school for the day) and tells me he does not have the part. He can get it tomorrow - don't use the kitchen sink, downstairs bathroom and the dishwasher.

Woo Hoo I am eating out!

A little while later, after telling my kids not to use the kitchen sink, my son used it.

I go to check to see if it leaked too much and guess what????

There is water all over my basement (and BTW my basement is the storage facility for my Tricky Tray event) BUT it was not from that original leak.

My water heater was leaking large AMOUNTS of WATER.

I call big bro in a panic and he says, "turn off the water supply to the house and I will be back after I finish a job."

My friend came over with her shop vac and helped clean up all the water - thankfully prizes were not damaged.

He comes, the water heater is SHOT!
He does not have one and neither does his suppliers but he figured this was the issue so on his way over he got me one that will be delivered at 7:30.

**Well, he came over while I was out working and by the time I was done (he was here less than two hours) he installed my new water heater and fixed my leaky pipe.

All is well.

Now I can take a relaxing bath, surrounded by water the way I like to be.

** Oh how I miss the good ole days of calling Mooch

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