Friday, February 5, 2010

Acts of Kindness

I love acts of kindness.

I try to do them as much as possible, I try to get my children to be aware of them and do them themselves for others.

Their school has a program called Kindness Counts where every time they are "caught" doing an act of kindness they drop a ball in a big jar in the school office. The goal is 500. They will make it. My children have each gotten a chance to drop a ball in the jar.

We donate regularly to those less fortunate than we are, it's important to show this to your kids.

They need to know. They donated change in their school for Haiti.

I wasn't planning on this as my post but I was watching tv and they showed the guy Danny from Biggest Loser. WOW. The Doctors are giving him a tummy tuck and breast reduction. He was so grateful.

He worked hard. Not saying the skin removal is something that is important but they felt that was something they could give him. It made me cry. (I know I am such a sap)

I know that many people here are very kind - some came together for Haiti and others make their contributions elsewhere.

I applaud everyone and we should keep up the good work.


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  1. Bravo for the kids and you are a good Mom teaching them that sometimes it's the little things that matter. I try to pay for the order behind me in the driver through line up at the coffee shop in the morning. I support the United Way and JDRF at work and there are so many organizations that are near and dear to my heart so I try and give some to them too. Have a wonderful week-end my friend!