Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cooking Frenzy

I have totally been occupied lately, with all things but especially cooking. We had the holidays and I always strive to cook traditonal foods and then add a little something extra to the mix (you know the same meal two days in a row even if made by different families is the same -read BORING).

I had to make/bring dessert to my sister in law's house. I did an Ice Cream cake. Before you all shudder and think what? It is super easy, no make that Uber easy. It is a cheater recipe but so devine and the kiddies LOVE it.

2 boxes of Ice Cream sandwiches
2 containers of Cool Whip
1 Foil Pan (lasagna pan)
Place a layer of ice cream sandwiches on bottom of pan, spread container of cool whip over the ice cream sandwiches. Repeat (ice cream sandwiches and cool whip). Cover and freeze. Take out when ready to serve. Cut like ice cream cake. You can decorate the top if you wish. Enjoy!

The next day I went a little more gourmet. I used the Barefoot Contessa's recipe for Butternut Squash Risotto. Can you say DELICIOUS? It was the most devine dish I have ever had and my little one loved it. I will have to make that one again VERY SOON.

I have also been making my children dinners and filling my cookie jar as intended. I also made my famous (at least in these parts) egg salad for the holidays this past weekend. It was all gone (2 dozen eggs!) and I was so looking forward to that for my lunch today.

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  1. Wow Ziz ~ that sounds so good and easy too! Thank you for sharing...