Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cookie Jar Delights

Greatly inspired by my friend Kimmy I have decided that I am going to provide a jar of cookies on my counter for the family from now on. First, I had to find a cookie jar, then I had to make a fabulous cookie (even though I have been told my chocolate chip cookies are FaBuLoUs) and I had to fill my cookie jar. I never had a cookie jar before. I knew I wanted a clear jar so the cookies could be seen.

Off I went on my search for the cookie jar. First stop was Pier 1. I like the store as they have eclectic items and things that fulfill a need for me on occasion. I went there because my husband got a gift for his birthday and he felt the gift was more for me than him (a Mojito set) so he told me to go get something for myself. I looked and looked and found nothing. On the phone with a friend I said I would call her back after I did another go round the store.

Lo and behold there on a bottom shelf is MY COOKIE JAR.

I LOOOOOOVVVEEE it! It is exactly what I wanted and more. I have been playing around with chalkboard paint. Even to the pint of making some glasses and they have them there. But the cookie jar is absolutely awesome. It is almost empty and tomorrow I will bake some more so my kiddies will have a treat when they come home.

Yummy! What is your favorite cookie?

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  1. This is the cutest jar ever ~ I love it! My all time favorite is peanut butter, but I am loving a PB/Choc Chip recipe that I got from one of the girls at work.