Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Door- Before/After

The finished door (yay)

So I had this lovely door that I had been working on. It looks fabulous, HOWEVER, I have to redo the WHOLE DOOR.You see, the painter did not prime the door and I have scrapes on it, so a few weeks ago I decide to tackle the bottom of the door. Bigger task than I thought, turns out the door was once stain the dark brown and it came out from my paint removal.
The room the weekend we closed (amazing that is one year ago this weekend)

The room after the wallpaper was removed and painted (amazing how the white paneling brightened the room)

No problem the door is a lovely golden honey. Not my final choice but okay. I primed it and then painted three coats on it. It looks fabulous. Only it looks like a brighter white against the dark white on the upper half of the door (yeah, you know where this is going). NOW I MUST paint the other half of the door. Not so bad, this time I will take it off the hinge and do it on the table outside or in the garage.
Ahh the wonderful door completely STRIPPED

The other part of the full redo of the door is this, when I peeled the painters tape of the door trim so came the paint. So now my trim is ghetto white and dark brown (from where the tape was pulled off - again a product of not being properly primed).

My wonderful moulding (after)

Here is my dilemma. Do I remove all of the trim and just do new moulding around the door or do I attempt to tape off the trim witht he possibility of the tape doing the same to my paneling painted white and hence making me re-paint a whole wall? As you can see I am heavily leaning towards the moulding/trim removal. What do you think?

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  1. I think I would remove the moulding and go for it...