Friday, September 11, 2009

Day of Reflection

I am a New Yorker. I always have been. Even in times of living in several parts of the country I have always been drawn to NY. I cannot explain it but something about New York draws me in. I cannot say that I have been to every little site and crevice of NY but I love it. Today is a day of reflection for me. It was 8 years ago that I was pregnant with our first child, planning to move to Florida (see I like to go other places but always come back), in fact we had just come back from Florida the night before. I was driving across the George Washington Bridge that fateful morning. I lived right across the Hudson River and from the balconies of my building you could see the whole City Skyline.

I saw the burning building, I was driving around the helix going onto West Side Highway heading to work when the second plane hit. I was on the phone with my dad and told him, "Dad this is clearly terrorism. I have to get back home." Luckily for me, they closed all traffic downtown and were redirecting traffic through Harlem. I asked the Policeman if I could go back over the bridge since I was pregnant and wanted to back home. He said yes and after I went over the bridge they closed it.

I got home and told the people working in my building what happened, they had no idea. I sat glued to my TV, called my dad again (my cell phone had died) and told him to go back home. I called my husband who was working out in NJ and he knew what was going on. His work was still a go since he was at Honeywell at the time and they were having a big executives meeting that day. They continued to work since there was no where for all of them to go.

It was unbelievable to watch what happened. Calls from all over making sure we were safe, family was accounted for, friends were ok and just general checking in to make sure. Some did not make it, some saw things unimaginable, some were lucky to have missed a bus, meeting or just been some place other than there.

The days that followed brought all sorts of emotions. In the end, well there is no end. I sit here today watching the tribute on TV. I cry for those lost, those remaining without their loved ones and those that continue to fight on for our freedom. I may not agree with everything that happens but I am proud to be an american and proud and grateful for those who protect me.

Life went on from that day as it always will (however it was forever changed).

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