Sunday, February 6, 2011

Party Planning Mode

This is a big year for me and most of my friends, we are all turning 40 this year.

Yep, the BIG 4-0.

No biggie, it's just a number and I am okay with it, really.

We have been going to parties and there seems to be more on the horizon (yay!).

My brother in law turns 50 this year and my sister in law is throwing him a James Bond themed party.  She wanted to do this for his 40th but he wanted no part of it.  Clearly this time he lost out.  She is requesting people dress as their favorite Bond character, bond girl, henchmen or villain.  I am thinking of Solitaire - Jane Seymour's character, the Tarot card reader.

My sister in law is trying to do food themed around the name of the movie, so now I am thinking...

On another note, my parent's are throwing me a big 40th birthday.  The invitations are through this site it is really cool and very nice stuff.

I will let you know more stuff as it comes along and if you know any recipe that could be used for the Bond party let me know.


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  1. It is just a number Ziz so I am glad to hear that you are not stressing over it. Sounds like you have some parties in your future ~ have a blast. xo