Sunday, October 31, 2010

School Projects

At the kid's school every year the librarian runs a little activity called "PumpKans." Basically you, umm I mean the kids, make a character from a book they read out of a can.

Maya wanted the Three Little Pigs. We made them out of small water bottles, felt, styrofoam circles, markers, paint and googly eyes. Oh yeah and a very hot glue gun (I still feel the pain on my nail - OUCH!).

We had fun making it together. It was fun. I just had to take a picture of the pigs with our haunted house.

Sam on the other hand wanted to do Dan from Bakugan. We had fun making his hair with pipe cleaners. This is also who he is for Halloween.

At the end of it all Sam said, "Mom, you always help us with our projects. Thanks."

That's what it's all about and I am happy.



  1. You are such a good Mom and these are so cute!

  2. That is definitely what it's all about! Those are adorable projects and the memory of doing them with be with you all forever! Happy weekend to you! P.S. The pub in NYC was Kennedys! xxoo :)