Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cake Pops Part 1

Okay, my baby had decided that she wanted a Halloween party for her birthday, so me being the mom I am obliged.

So, now I am doing everything I can to put togethe
r something that will be really awesome.

I am making her Cake pops. I started this evening.

Step one was to bake a cake as per directions. Cool cake and then crumble. Recipes have suggested to put it into a Cuisinart. I only have a small one, the blender was not really an option so I used my Cuisinart Blender stick (LOVE). It worked out great.

Step two was to mix with frosting and then roll into balls.

Step three was to let it sit on the tray overnight in the refrigerator (tomorrow I will be dipping them in chocolate and decorating them).

I am so excited to see what happens. I chose for these pops to make a confetti cake mixture and cream cheese frosting.

If I am able I am going to attempt to make a bunting with some fabric I have had for a few years.

Some eyeball cupcakes, bones chocolates and maybe, just maybe homemade candy corn. Hmm maybe I need a day off. Oh and Maya just asked for petit fours like the ones I made for her party last year! Thank goodness I have those ingredients in the pantry. I also was thinking of doing caramel apples with the kids.

That reminds me, I need to call one of my sitters to come and "assist" the party. Toodles for now.



  1. so funny-i just made these exact treats for lilys class via my friend esther she calls them "cake balls" also has a similar recipe for cookie balls made with creamcheese and crushed cookie of choice...hmmmm!
    happy birthday maya!

  2. What a long list Ziz ~ but I have total faith that you will get it all done! Cannot wait to see the finished product. xo