Saturday, November 6, 2010

Proudest Day

Today my baby did something so selfless and giving I am brimming with utter happiness and joy.

She donated her hair, 11 1/2 inches of it, to Locks of Love.

It was her decision. She has heard of other girls doing it, her aunt and cousins participate in a HUGE Relay 4 Life at their school ad a salon comes and does the cuts for people and my sister in law told me of another salon that does cuts for free and takes care of everything for you.

So when Maya came to me and I said I want to do it, we set up an appointment. She looks so amazing!

Here is her before:

Here is her after the braiding:

No turning back now

The full treatment was given by Everson from the Adam Broderick Salon and Spa

I am so proud of her and when my sister in law asked her for a video why she was doing this she said so she could help people, kids who are sick and don't have hair.

This was prompted from 3 years ago my sister in law getting Medulary Thyroid cancer and then after having all her lymph nodes removed and getting the all clear my mother in law being diagnosed with Leukemia.

So that was our day. I am truly so proud of my little girl.


  1. Good for her Ziz ~ I can see why you are so proud. My cousin's son actually grew his out the got it cut this spring ~ he did it for a friend of his that he lost to cancer. It warms my heart when I see kids like Maya and Brandon who is 11 being so aware. xo

  2. What a wonderful gift to give. I'm sure it made your heart swell with pride and love.