Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Now, I live in the Northeast.

I have lived in the Southwest, San Diego to be exact.

But, I love the Northeast, NY to be exact.

Besides Fall being my favorite season (and it still technically is Fall). I love the winter.

I love it for many reasons.

I LOVE EVERYTHING covered in a blanket of white. I just cannot get enough of it.

I hate when all the driving happens and the snows turns black but I love waking up and seeing everything white.

I love sitting by the fire (which I could not for the life of me start today) and drinking hot cocoa.

I love sledding with my kids.

I love attempting to build a snowman.

I love my snow angels.
I love how crisp it all looks and peaceful it feels.

So that's it, I love what the northeast has to offer me (don't get me wrong I love the warm weather too and would never turn down a vacation at the beach).

Stay warm and healthy.



  1. Hi zizi! The snow is really pretty. I love the fresh fallen snow, too before it has been disturbed. So pretty!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  2. There is nothing like the calm and quiet after a storm ~ love it! Everything looks so pretty Ziz and I agree with you 100% ~ give me some white but I will take white sand on the beach too!