Monday, December 14, 2009

Makes Me Feel Good

I am loving baking.

I find that every time I bake, I feel good.

I feel good that my children love my cookies.

I feel good that I am providing a snack that is not filled with crap and preservatives.

I feel good that I ma getting them to try new things.

I feel good that I am trying new things.

The other day Maya had a friend over. Now she is the type of friend that does not have play dates at her friend's houses but only her own. She is the type of child with lots of anxiety. But slowly she is coming out of her shell. She wanted to come over, she wanted mom to leave but when mom went to leave she started to cry. Maya couldn't understand but I told her give her time. Her mom chatted with her and said if she was gonna cry they would go home. She wanted to stay and she did, without mom.

The girls played dress up, I polished their nails with pretty little heart designs and I baked cookies. They had an awesome time. She wanted to bring home a half eaten cookie to her daddy. I told her to finish the cookie and I would give her a new one for her dad.

Later on I asked my friend what her husband thought of my cookie, she said he loved it. Then she asked me, "what the heck are you doing at your house?" I asked her what she meant. She says her daughter comes home and tells her that I was baking I polished their nails with designs and helped them with dress up.

I love that. That makes me feel good. I want those memories for my children, me baking and taking care of them. (As I type this my son is complaining that I am on the computer - hey you can't have everything all the time).



  1. That is so sweet. I'm glad the girls had such a good time. You helped create some fun memories for them!

    FYI: your package is all ready to go but dh hasn't mailed it yet! I'm sorry for that. I gently reminded him to get it out tomorrow.


  2. Simple delights, lovely!
    Congrats on finishing your grduate school.

  3. this is fantastic Ziz ~ making special memories by doing something so simple. It is the little things that count. xo