Thursday, December 17, 2009


I had two children today go for their annual check ups today.

Not FUN.

Last year and the year before that too, I vowed not to take them at the same time again. Well, I must have completely blocked that memory and that promised from myself.

You see, my kids hate their shots. Hey I don't blame them, I hate shots too. I have had my own time of crying and such in a corner of the room so no one will take my blood. I get it.

So, today we go for the visit. All the way there the kids are asking if they are going to get shots, can they put it off until January, everything you can think of.

Now this doctor has been with them since they were both born. She knows them, she knows me (even helped me through a hard time and that is why I stay with her even though we no longer live in NJ).

They have to get their shots (the flu and H1N1). Only one had a breathing issue this year so she needed to get the shots and could not get the mist. So one got two shots and one got a shot and a mist.

It breaks my heart and I talked them through it very calmly (which the nurse noted that I was "good"). My son was much more difficult. Telling me he was going to scream and proceeded to scream, in my ear.

It was over for both of them. They cried. They got cookies and water. Then they got McDonalds. They are sleeping now. I am a wreck.

My children are everything and to see them so distraught kills me. That was my day. SO when the annual exams come around again next year, someone please remind that I should not make them at the same time. Please, as my friends.

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  1. I too hate that time of year. Thankfully, we only do the standard vaccinations as I don't think I could handle doing the flu shots every year for FOUR boys. You are a trooper my friend - remember that they will get over it quickly and you are just doing what you feel is best for them~
    You are a great mom,