Sunday, July 24, 2011

We {want}, we {need}

Okay, I grew up with a dog.  I love dogs.  My daughter LOVES dogs and so does my son.  My parents have a dog.  We all WANT, no Need a dog.  Notice someone is missing?  Hubby.  No Dog.  No way.  He does not want a dog.  How do we fix that?

We have a cat.  A BIG cat.  A BIG, NASTY cat.  She is mine.  I love her but she doesn't love anyone, well, maybe me from time to time.  Usually only for her long enough to like me then bite me but she sleeps with me.  The kids try to love her but she wants no part of it and Hubby - he does not like her.
Blogging Kitty

We sort of made an agreement years ago.  My hubby always says he needs to have some time without a pet (I had Lola before I met him so she has always been with us).  So, I said to the kids, when Lola dies we will wait 6 months and then we will get a dog.  He doesn't agree but last week when a friend's mom was fostering a puppy and I jokingly said, "meet our new dog."  He said, "we have an agreement."  So I made sure people recognized his commitment to our agreement.


We can't wait until the cat is gone. We want a dog now.  We need a dog now. Who doesn't want a dog?

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I go back and forth between wanting a medium/big dog and a small dog.  I would love to have a small dog to bring with us where we go and truly be a little lap dog.  But I also love the thought of rough housing with a big ole playful dog.

How do we get dad/hubby on board?  I brought the kids to our local pet shop and they played with the puppies Maya loves all dogs and Sam decided he wants a small dog, a Yorkie.  Just like his mom.

Now to work on dad/hubby.


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  1. Dogs are great - a lot of work, but great. Just promise me you won't get one at the pet store! I don't even think you can buy dogs at pet stores in our area anymore...
    Crossing my fingers for you!