Sunday, July 31, 2011

{simple} Sundays

I am *trying* to simplify things around here.
I am *trying* to shed the crap stuff around our house.
I am *trying* to do it with the kids not harassing me to keep this or that.

Even though yesterday was Saturday I had to start somewhere but today I will do more and *try* to dedicate time on Sundays to purge and simplify.

I did manage to purge a box from the garage.  It's been there since we lived here (2 years) and if we have not touched that stuff in this time, well it's time to go.  Hubby thinks I am a hoarder, that I am not but I do tend to hold onto some things for "memories" and what I may need.  Eventually I do get rid of stuff.

BUT if he wants to talk about hoarding he should look at himself.  Do you know what he keeps?  The boxes from cell phones, The GPS we got 4 years ago, the iPod he got god knows when - you get what I mean.  It's time to get rid of all this stuff.

I want clean spaces.  Maybe when the kids are gone for the next two days I can get around to cleaning the playroom/guest room.  We shall see.

I really want to do this because every third Thursday the Bulk pick up in our town takes away everything.

What would you like to simplify?

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