Monday, June 20, 2011

Running Journal {Week 5}

Okay I know I have not kept you in the loop about my running but being a teacher and a mom at the end of the school year is Brutal.

So this week I will do another condensed version of all three days for ya.

Day 1 - The usual 5 minute warm up, the repetitions of 5 minute jogs, 3 minute walks to complete 20 minutes, then the 5 minute cool down.

Not bad. Easy Peasy.  Pretty good.

Day 2 - 5 Minute warm up then repetitions of 8 minute jogs, 5 minute walk and then the 5 minute cool down.  This one I had to do twice because in one of the runs I went up hill and it killed me. The second time I did it I was on the Treadmill and it was okay.  I almost had thoughts that this would be the end for me.  I felt so discouraged before the second go around but everything I have read is that if the run is hard do it again until you feel comfortable.  So I did just that, did it over.  There is no specific reason that you have to do it one way, this is a guideline.  I like it either way and it's making me feel good.

Day 3 - A 20 minute run!  Holy Cow.  I stressed for days about this one too.  Even told my APE teacher at school that I was nervous and unsure I would be able to complete.  Guess what??  I did it no problem! I was shocked!  So proud of myself and I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE ABLE TO RUN 20 MINUTES.  EVER.

Life shocks you sometimes BUT in these 5 weeks I have not really lost weight.  I have maintained.  We'll see as the weeks go by.  I think I will register for my first 5K this week.

Happy Running.


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