Saturday, June 11, 2011

Running Journal {week 4}

This running thing isn't so bad.

I am getting the hang of it and loving it BUT I have not lost weight. WTH?

True I may snack here and there but in all truth I think I have been doing really well. Some people talk of losing inches (I don't measure myself) and others talk of building muscle. I just wantnto lose that damn c-section belly. No matter what it is still there. The only time I didn't have it was when I did the South Beach diet but kidney stones were not a good alternative to a flat belly. I hope when I am really running that it will subside but then it will be summertime and then the Mojitos contribute to the belly. I'll have to save those for the special occasions ;) if you kaon what I mean.

Still I like it and I am plugging away at it.

Happy running!


1 comment:

  1. Good for you Ziz ~ running has never appealed to me but it sounds like you are enjoying it!