Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{Misunderstood} Friends

Have you ever had moments that your friends took and twisted it the wrong way?  Normally I would not post about something such as this but I post about my life and we're girlfriends here so, I figured give it a go.

I usually work at a camp for my summers.  My kids go for free and I am able to do crafts all day. Win win, right?  It is really but this year I had an amazing opportunity at my job that would benefit my family, so I took the leap.  I emailed the camp and let them know I needed to take care of some family business.  That was a week ago.

Today a friend emails me that she is last to know.  I said there was no intention there I was keeping it private for numerous reasons. She continued to let me know I embarrassed her by not letting her know and etc.  I apologized and said I was really thinking of my feelings and not her and the intention was not to hurt her.  I also told her of a situation recently where I was left out of a party of hers and never said a word, because those things happen and I don't need to be included in everything she does.  She gets mad, I explain myself and so on.

Where do I go now?  I never meant to hurt her, I wasn't even thinking of her feelings through this whole process.  She tells me she will give me a list of people who know - well I only told 2 people (one of those is my supervisor who emailed me after the director emailed her).  I am too old for this stuff.

Any advice will be appreciated.  I am at a loss of for words (for once).



  1. How old is she? 7? I mean really? If she is getting all upset over something like this, I wouldn't have the time or energy to be her friend. I'm sorry to be so harsh, but you do have to put yourself first. You can't run your life worrying about what others think. You have rights too and if she can't appreciate that, I feel sorry for her.

  2. I agree with Maggie ~ how old is she?? Are you back in junior high!! You do have to put yourself first and if she is put out about that then so be it. You did not do this to intentionally hurt her or exclude her. Sounds like you have already explained yourself and if she can not accept then so be it. I do not think you need to spend anymore time thinking about it as you do not owe her anything Ziz. Hugs to you my friend. xo

  3. hi zizi, just came across your blog. couldn't believe what I was reading! people can be so silly, can't they? you apologized and went further than she even deserved. At this point I would just drop it. If she brings it up again, tell her to get over it! If she doesn't, then maybe you need to decide if her friendship is really worth it. that's my opinion.

  4. As someone who has known you for over ten years, I am amazed that someone close to you would think that you would intentionally hurt her. At our age, I don't have time for high-maintenance friendships. Maturity is a beautiful thing isn't it? Good friends are ones that we don't feel like we have to constantly check in on things that belong to us - so let this one go and know that you did nothing wrong.