Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Running Journal

Back in March I decided to start running. I needed to get in to better shape for myself and for my family. I started off and was motivated to do the C25k running program. I did the first week but the second week brought bad weather and I gave up with the hope that I would start again in a few weeks when the weather made it better for running.

Fast forward to April vacation. I am in Florida and I have grandparents to watch the kids while I run. I start the program. I decided to share my journal that I wrote in to hopefully give inspiration to someone.

April 19, 2011

Ok, today decided to start the c25k program again. I really want to do this. I want to run, I see what it does for all my friends who do run. What am I thinking, I am so not a runner and my chest is big. Am I really going to do this?

I come back from my run and I did it! Now don't get too cocky now, it was only running for 60 seconds. Ahh, it was only short spurts but I did it. I made the whole run. It was 11 am which next time I need to do it earlier in the morning the beginning of the very hot part of the day is BRUTAL. Will rethink my running time.

Very proud of myself. I love this new little app that allows me to listen to PANDORA - Glee station and it tells me when to run/walk.

I did try this last year, a similar programs and forget it, I couldn't keep track of when to run/walk. I love technology!

I just can't believe that I was actually running and not dying. Go me! Here's to running on Tuesday.

I will update as I wrote in my journal. Maybe it will inspire you.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


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  1. Very very inspiring, well done sweetie :)

    I did a 5K last Sept, I probably ran at least half of it with not much training. I did it as part of a group and some of the girls are doing it again this year. I am not "built to run"...but want to get in shape for summer. Maybe I can look into the programme you are doing, I have good things about it from others too.

    Keep going xx