Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Running Journal {W1, D3}

Day Three down, Woo Hoo!!

Change of scenery today.  It was nice as where I am staying has a walking/running path all around the center of the development with mile markers.  Cool.

I got up nice and early, hydrated and went about my run.  Not so bad.  I am liking this as it is flat.  I just hope when I get home I am able to keep up with it.  I am motivated and will have a good base on me to do well.

Not so bad, feels good.  My parents and grandma are very encouraging to me.  Keep it up, I am excited.

Next run on Monday.  Should be fun, that will be Week 2, Day 1.

Gotta keep moving.


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  1. Look at you go Ziz ~ good for you! I see Alex is using the same app on Facebook ~ keeps you motivated for sure. Happy week-end!