Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Running Journal {W1, D2}


April 21, 2011
So here I go.  Day 2.  Can I do it?

After: Wasn't so bad. Went out much earlier so it was not so hot.  Did it and have no complaints.  I feel really good and I am super proud of myself for sticking to this plan.

I was running today and at times I was thinking, "can I do this?"  to "what am I thinking?"

I have never been a person who loved exercising.  Why on earth would I start running and 40?  Ahh, it's because it has great benefits, you will look great and you will hopefully like it the little voice in side my head keeps telling me.

Another motivating factor, I got the "Pro" version of C25K and you can post to FB - this way people know I am running so I will shame myself into running.

That was day 2.  I made it.  Let's see what happens next...

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  1. Good for you! And yes, you can do it!