Tuesday, November 16, 2010

9 years ago

** I just realized this never posted**

Everything seemed so different.

We were a couple, with a cat.

Then one fine Friday morning I woke up to go to the hospital to have a baby.

Just me and my man, driving on the highway. NERVOUS. I was set to have a c-section. I had resolved myself to having it so I was not upset but had no idea what it would be like.

We get to the hospital, check in, prepare.

We were convinced by EVERYONE that we were having a girl. We would have named her Isabella. We were so excited and freaked out at the same time. But I was ready. I wanted to be a mom so bad.

I get the spinal, hubby comes in, we're all set.

The doctor is taking out my baby and he says. "It's a BOY!" I look at hubby and say, "we have a son?!?" We asked the doctor what he thought was a good name between Sam and Ben (remember we were thinking Isabella) and he said Sam. Hubby liked it and said, "that's it Sam." (he wasn't really partial to Ben and we threw that name out there in several of our talks)

So, Sam it was/is. Our parents were waiting downstairs and then came up. So happy. I had this beautiful baby boy.

I am so grateful for the wonderful son I have who is imaginative, creative, loving and his own person. People like him and he is funny. I hope he grows up to be a good man and that he is happy.

I love him so and wish him the best of birthdays today. Happy 9th birthday my Sam. Mommy loves you and thinks you are the greatest.

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