Saturday, November 20, 2010


Plain and simple, I am beat.

Stick a fork in me.

Get the picture?

Last night I did the awesome mother sacrifice and I allowed Sam to have a birthday sleepover. Not just his bestest friend, but his 4 bestest friends. (I know there is no such word but the kids, I borrowed it from them)

They were not bad, really.

I invitd them over at a time that I thought I would be off the hook for dinner. Um, no they are 9 year old boys who are ALWAYS hungry.

They played video games the whole time, in the playroom with the door shut. Not bad. At 11:30 I said off with the Wii and they set up camp in the living room. I even got them all to brush their teeth.

I went back down at 12:30, they were playing Itouch, netbook and the DS. At 1:30 I said, enough was enough and it was bedtime. They went to bed and I sort of did.

I woke up at 5-ish. That stinks. My body gets up everyday at 5:15 am so I am sort of in my routine, UGH.

I made them pumpkin spice chocolate chip muffins, recipe to follow. They ate cereal and were all gone by 9:15 am.

I am ready to crash and it is not even Noon!

In the end, my Sam had a fabulous night and he is very happy.


  1. Sounds like the perfect sleepover, well done you!

    Hope you get a nap or an early night tonight :) xx

  2. wow. You definitely get the nomination for mother of the year! Your kids will really appreciate this when they are older. I still remember my sleep-over days and so do my friends. Go take a nap! -diane

  3. That was great of you to let Sam have his buddies over. Sounds like they were a great bunch of kids. Happy birthday to your boy!!


  4. You, my friend, are an outstanding mom! I need to take a page from your handbook and make more of an effort when it comes to kid things that I would rather not do. They are only little once...
    Bravo for rising to the occasion!

  5. Happy Birthday to Sam ~ I cannot believe that he is 9 already!! Bravo to you Mom for having the sleep over ~ congrats though for having your house back before noon. I do think that bestest is a word along with bestie ~ coming soon to a dictionary near you. xo