Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week 8, Day 5 Even

Balloon release

I worked at camp this summer.

I love camp.

I was a camper for 4 years and I have worked there for 5 ( take note people who count, as it may be 3 consecutive but it is still 5 years - 2 as a teenager and 3 now).


Camp ended today.
Burning the year

There were tears, there were hugs and there were memories.

My daughter, little Miss, was a mess.

Boo, hooing all the way with all her little friends. It made me tear up. I am a sap like that.

Little Miss and her ladies

You see, I went to that camp as a camper. LOVED IT! that is why when the option for camp came up in young Sam's life I thought of no place other than Ramaquois. I made my BESTEST FRIEND there. She is the greatest friend anyone could have, I love her more than anything. We had our first babies at the same time (4 days apart). She is the best.

Anyway, not all people get to experience the wonderful word of Day Camp (some experience Sleep Away Camp but I have never been so I don't know that), but it truly is wonderful - at least for me it was.

Back to my story, when I decided it was time for Sam to enter camp I thought Ramaquois. I enter the "visiting" day to show young Sam and run into a wonderful woman who I knew from "back in the day" Joan. Now I went to camp with her son and daughter. She remembered me, she asked as I walked in. "are you Z...?" I said yes. Now she did not even finish her sentence as there is NO ONE with my name in my county, State or even country. She said she thought so and we worked on getting little Sam into camp.

Sam @ closing ceremonies (notice he is not in uniform - felt the last day he would go "regular")

A few years later I did not have to work summers so I was able to work at camp. Woo Hoo (BTW Camp is VERY expensive). Here I would get some kind of discount AND be able to be around my kids in a place I LOVED!

So three years later I am working at camp and today we ended the season - Week 8, Day 5 Even - yes we have one of those weird Odd/ Even - 6 Day schedules to get everyone to every awesome activity we have available.

It was a great year and I look forward to the next. We work hard at the camp and enjoy it. I do a craft I love and I enjoy making the kids happy. Here's to 2010.

Me and one of my camp besties

** As part of camp there is color war and you can read about it here but last year they implemented a 5th team on our roster and it included the Specialists (all the people who run the activities). We had to make up a song and plaque. I helped make the plaque with my bestie (Miss Artist) you can find her here. You can guess the theme this year was Disney and our team was Toon Town.


  1. What a great post Ziz! I love hearing all about camp and how much the kids enjoyed it!