Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lookie What I Made

I have been busy at camp lately.

Great inspiration from a great artist.

I started with a 24 x 24 piece of plywood. I sanded it down, made it real nice.

Mixed up a nice blue and then distressed it with my handy dandy Black and Decker hand sander (a real favorite with my camp buddies).

I wanted a wave and was not confident enough to want to paint it right on the board so I drew a wave out on a piece of contact paper, cut it out and laid it on the board. I then painted it the lighter blue color so the dark blue would be the wave. I distressed that too.

Then I put a white wash over and would apply a little and rub it off. It gave it a nice cloudy/worn look.

I loved the wave but needed something else. I took to the National Geographic Magazines my friend had laying around for the campers to cut and found this awesome pull out of the Titanic - a picture, rather 70 some odd pictures making one, from undersea cameras. The colors were screaming my name.

I then tore the picture for a rough edge. Thankfully the Titanic and a surfboard are the same shape :)

I Modge Podged the "surfboard onto the wave. I sort of put it running off the board.

I wanted some color in there to make it more surfboard like, so I added the yellow stripe.

I have been playing with stamps lately and was trying to think of what to write on the board. I was going to do Surf Shack. My friend suggested "Sam's Surf Shack" since it was for my son.

I tried black but it did not work (thankfully with the modge podge and a clorox wipe it came off real quick).

I decided to use Orange because when I was taping out the stripe I had Orange painters tape and it looked real good, not to mention that I pulled up the color wheel and orange is next to yellow and across from blue. JACKPOT!

I am very Happy with my result and next week I will add the wire to the back and hang it in his room.

Have a great weekend!