Sunday, August 29, 2010

Experiences the Spice of Life

I have always been told that children not only learn from school but from experiences. If they cannot apply the things they learn in the classroom there cannot be definitive connections.

So, we always try to give our kids experiences.

Just last night my sweet girl experienced her first concert.

Justin Bieber over the audience

She was screaming just as loud as the whole arena. We were fortunate enough to get seats in a suite from an old friend of mine. Let me tell you, that is THE WAY TO GO. So nice.

Maya even made a friend with another little girl that was there.

It made me recall my first concert KISS. I was staying with my godmother and her son LOVED KISS and she took us. WOW.

I am just happy she got to enjoy herself.


  1. What a great experience for her ~ I was in grade 8 when I went to my very first concert and remember it fondly ~ it was Dr. Hook ~ there I go aging myself again!! lol So glad that you both had a good time. xo

  2. she will remember it always! you are such a fabulous mom~
    have a wonderful week my friend,