Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

I love Sundays.

I love how I can do whatever I want,
it's the end of the week.
A fresh start the next day.

I like to cook on Sundays.
Prep my meals, have an idea of what to do.
I can bake my cookies.

I can RELAX. Lay around in my PJs if I wanted to (even if it means running Sam to school and not getting out of the car :) ).
I love rainy Sundays even better - the rain really allows for you to stay in the PJs and possibly a fire?

It's not raining today, it did all day yesterday.

Today I finally get a table we were promised 9 years ago.

I am a little excited (sort of not because we have waited so long). We had sort of given up on the table since when we reminded those that had it they were to give it to us they feigned no knowledge of the discussion. It's okay.

My issue - I just bought beautiful table cloths, not sure if they will work with the new table. They looked so good too.

So, this Sunday I will get a table and then cook and bake and relax with my kids. Oh yeah, and prepare for my Baby Boy's 8th birthday tomorrow.


  1. I love Sundays, too. I try to get a lot done on Sundays; or else I just relax!

    Enjoy your day today and sending happy birthday wishes to your son!


  2. OMG ~ is this THE table that you had the chairs for all along and thought you had no hope in getting?? If so ~ have you already painted the chair for Maya's room black?? You gotta spill... :o)

    I love Sunday's too and although it was pouring here today and unseasonably warm ~ I had some errands to run so was gone most of the afternoon. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday Ziz. xo

  3. Yes this is THE table AND I did paint the chair for Maya's room after I told Ken we were never getting the table AND wouldn't you know the NEXT day she told me she was giving me the table!

  4. Oh crap!! Well, what's done is done and there's no turning back! You will just have one less chair in the dining room.... :o)