Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ride My Bicycle

Last week was my baby's birthday and Grandma and Papi were kind enough to get her a new set of wheels. She was so excited. However, her big brother was so jealous that she was getting a new bike and he needed one too. I casually mentioned that he was fully capable of asking for a bike too.

So we went to Ridgewood Cycle a bike shop where we are friends with the owner Drew. Hubby has known Drew forever and we knew he would put us in the right direction for our kids especially since he knows them very well.

Grandma and I head over there and Maya finds the one she wants and of course so does Sam. Grandma gets them both bikes.

I just had to go back and get them the next day. Talk about two VERY HAPPY children.

All last weekend all they wanted to do is ride their bikes and my dad was not home when they first got the bikes so they rode the bikes to Papi's house (3 blocks away) and showed him his purchase and how well they rode them.

Even Daddy took a spin on the bike

So glad they got to use them for a few days before the weather turned ugly. Hopefully this week gets better and they can ride again.

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  1. How exciting for both the kids! New bikes are always fun...