Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Love Rainy Days

When they are spent in the comfort of my home.

In front of the fire. Perhaps with a good movie or book. Of course some hot cocoa for the kids and maybe, just maybe, a hot Tottie for me and the man.

I remember growing up in Southern California, we had a fireplace. We hardly used it but on the occasion we did it was on rainy days. That is today, here in cold New York. I sure am happy that my hubby split a lot of wood last week to put in our fireplace.

Only today it will be a nice fire and the GIANTS at 1pm. That's okay. I figure while he's doing that I will make a nice lasagna and possibly some chocolate peanut butter brownies or pillow cookies. (I'll still have that hot tottie by the fire though).


  1. I think I may need the recipe for those cookies as they look yummy!